AAA Lease a Automotive Advantages

November 14, 2022

AAA Lease an Automotive Advantages

When traveling with their spouses, AAA members can rent a car for no cost. Many rental car firms can benefit from this profit. Some car rental companies may even allow you to add your domestic partner as a driver for free. For car rental firms, this service is completely unavailable, albeit many do offer it.

Thrifty Automotive Rental

Think about Thrifty Automotive Rental if you're looking for a cheap car rental. In addition to offering reasonable prices, they also frequently run deals that may be quite helpful to you. You may join their Blue Chip Categorical Rental Program, for instance, to receive priority reservations and rental services. You can sign up for this system on the Thrifty Automotive Rental website for free.
If you belong to AAA, you could also save a tonne of money when renting a car from Thrifty. This affordable price can save you up to 8% off the base rate. Even when renting a GPS navigation device, AAA members can save. When booking your rental, put your AAA membership number or CDP number in the CDP topic to take advantage of this service. When picking up your rental car, don't forget to present your AAA membership card at the counter.

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Since Thrifty is a member of AAA, they will accept your AAA membership at a discounted rate anytime you make a reservation. Additionally, when you book in advance, you will save 8%. To save money when traveling with children, you might choose to order the infant seat in advance. You can even get road trip planning tools and travel guides from AAA.
Thrifty has a variety of locations with practical rental spots for Florida customers. Their Blue Chip Categorical program, which shortens rental line wait times, may also be advantageous to you. Additionally, this scheme offers a 50% discount on counter improvements and a free rental day after a predetermined number of days.

Greenback Lease and Automotive

Numerous discounts are available to AAA members at Greenback Lease and Automotive. These discounts are determined by the car class a member wants. The car rental company offers all different makes and models of cars, from affordable cars to high-end cars. Using a unique discount code could enable you to receive a discount. The discount code varies by location and is valid for the duration of your rental period.

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Members must present their current AAA membership card at the time of rental to qualify for the AAA discount. The discount is valid at participating venues in 80 different countries. This discount, however, does not apply to Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. Members who want to take advantage of the discounted rate and an extra licensed driver should show their AAA membership card. This driver must to be acknowledged in the rental agreement. If this isn't a possibility, the renter may be assessed an additional fee.
Online, you can find Greenback Lease Automotive AAA discounts. The company offers several rental cars and operates over 550 locations throughout 61 countries. Employees are trained through a Buyer Pushed coaching program, demonstrating their commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Whether you're looking for a stylish convertible or a tough off-road vehicle, Greenback Lease, Cars can meet your needs.
Up to 10% off the base rate will be given to you when you rent a car through AAA. This discount is available on the gasoline-inclusive car rental fee. You may save an additional 10% when you prepay for your energy. You undoubtedly have a few AAA members, which can help you save a tonne of money.


By using AutoSlash when renting a car through the organization, AAA members can save money on rentals. The website offers a simple form that allows users to receive a value estimate based primarily on their membership. They must first submit their name, email address, and credit card information. AutoSlash will begin hunting for accessible vehicles as soon as they enter this information. Value, car type, and company are used to sort the results.
A sliding range of inclusions and a yearly membership fee of about $60 are included. This low cost will be applied by AutoSlash when analyzing low-cost codes. Even auto insurance coverage, which includes liability insurance, collision insurance, uninsured motorist protection, and medical protection, is available to AAA members. Additionally, AAA offers rental car reimbursement in the event of an accident.

The value monitoring mechanism of AutoSlash is another appealing feature. AutoSlash will email the person whenever a rental car company offers a lower rate. AutoSlash had already automated the rebooking of consumers. However, in response to resistance from rental car companies, it has changed its path.
Customers can keep track of rental car expenditures using the free value tracker program. This program can reduce customer reservation costs by 20% or more. Customers must provide the vehicle reservation confirmation number as well as the primary and final driver identifications in order to use the price tracker. If the value significantly decreases, they will cancel their reservation and receive a refund.
AutoSlash analyses rental car rates from several car rental companies and calculates discounts depending on membership in loyalty programs and frequent flyer programs. Customers can receive offers on rental cars by registering for free on these websites. It is crucial to remember to bring this with you because some car rental companies may demand you to provide proof of membership.


Costco lends out vehicles. In select locations, AAA members can hire a second driver for free. You won't have to pay extra for a second driver, which in some cases can be significant savings. Moreover, even if they are not Costco members, you can add additional drivers for free.
Even AAA members are eligible for Costco Travel's lower rates. Members can enter pick-up and drop-off locations, dates, and times on the website to check rental car rates. Logging in with their Costco account is all that is necessary. Typically, the first driver must have a membership card from Costco and be a member.
Members of AAA can save up to 10% off their car rental with Costco Travel. When traveling with your family, you can take advantage of Costco Travel's member discounts since a AAA membership doesn't cost more than $20 per year. If they use their card, Costco members can earn 5% factors with Costco Journey. Some locations won't accept debit cards.
Location, vehicle type, and the time of year can all affect the cost of a Costco lease car. Be sure to compare shops and check prices across a number of websites before deciding. Costco partners with several car rental companies and haggles with them for lower rates. You may find the greatest car rental price at Costco Lease an Automobile, regardless of whether you desire a posh sedan, minivan, or sports car.
Inns, cruises, and car rentals may all be booked on the Costco Travel website. By entering their zip code and the dates they wish to pick up and return the car, members can reserve rentals. To receive this advantage, however, members must be at least 25 years old.


When you join AARP, you can take advantage of discounts and other benefits that are only available to members. By taking advantage of these benefits, you can rent a car from different rental car providers for less money. Several budget car rental firms, like Price range, offer AARP rent-a-car memberships.
Memberships to AARP Rent-A-Car are only $16 for a year and can help you save money on car leases. Young people and additional drivers qualify for additional discounts. A baby seat will be provided without charge to AARP members. A GPS navigation system and pay-as-you-go gasoline are also available for a discount. Depending on your car rental company, you might be entitled to a free upgrade to a full-class vehicle. When traveling with a friend or family member, you might ask the driver to return.
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Members of AARP can even take advantage of special discounts from car rental companies like Avis and Budget. The lowest prices are occasionally reduced by up to 10%, and AARP members even qualify for free upgrades. These improvements may include complimentary GPS and loss damage waiver insurance. Different discounts are available from various car rental companies, including Payless.
By renting a car from Payless car rental companies, AARP members can even save money. They provide special discounts to AARP members. No matter if they rent a basic or deluxe vehicle, the reduced price is applied to the entire rental. Additionally, AARP members receive an extra driver without having to pay anything for the contract. However, there are other ways to avoid paying extra driving fees, which can cost up to $13 per day.

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